Sunday, January 1, 2017

About Take Action Now!

What are we?  The HDC (Hanover Democratic Committee) Action Team is a group that creates a list of Take Action Now! action items that you can do to be involved in resisting the Trump agenda and the alt right Congress! The Action Items are created by researching various resources that pertain to the Central Virginia/RVA area along with National organizations as well.  To see our growing list of resources click HERE.  Action Items will be posted weekly on the Hanover Democratic Committee website.  In addition - items will be posted on the Hanover Democratic Committee Facebook page.

Background:  The resource was created as a vehicle for navigating the overwhelming number of resources, call to action sites and organizations. We will utilize resources already out there that have action plans including events and research opportunities.  The action items will vary and include meeting people face to face or calling or writing from your home. It will have carpool information and more. Action Items will be updated from the perspective of our local Hanover County/RVA. We encourage you to share ‘what worked’ at Hanover Democratic committee meetings.

Want to be involved?  Do you have an action item to share or want to be involved with updating this information - please contact via email:

How to Access the HDC Action Items? 
Go to .   Click on Take Actions Now! 

Will Action Items be included in the HDC Newsletter?  Yes. In addition - e-blasts will be sent each week with new action items.

Questions:  Email or call Christiane Riederer at 202.297.4086