Sunday, January 8, 2017


 Resources for finding Take Action Now! Action Items:

The following sources will be used to create HDC Action Items which will be listed on our Hanover Democratic Committee Website We do not want to reinvent the wheel and realize there are an amazing number of sites.   Do you have a resource or item to share?  Email
Facebook Groups 
  • Together We Will RVA Facebook : this facebook site was created as an offshoot of the Pantsuit Nation. You have to sign up to join. Action Items and more are posted on this site.
  • Together We Will Central Virginia Facebook:  this facebook site was created to include primarily Central Virginia events.  You have to sign up to join.  
  • VA-01 Hanover Women Concerned for their Country ( on facebook to follow their posts and future plans
  • Hanover Democratic Committee Facebook:  this facebook site is maintained by the Hanover County Democratic Committee in Virginia.

Additional Resources:  

From Together Hanover...
Resources – Websites and Apps
I can’t express how helpful is for both calendar events and resources.
Finding your governmental representatives and learning about what is going on
Apps – List of government agency apps can be found here
Information for Actions
Apps:  Countable, icitizenresistbot, Contact Congress, 5 Calls
Government 101 – learning from the ground up, or relearning what we’ve forgotten since high school

  • Richmond Times-Dispatch (, Contact Us, Letters to Editor), 
  • The Mechanicsville Local (, 
  • The Fredericksburg Free Lance Star ( ), 
  • The Herald-Progress ( ) 
  • Free Press:
  • "letter to the editor" submission in the subject line):